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Guided Tours: SP2

In this section you will find information on how to start using the IBM SP2


How to logon to Strindberg.

Please review the sections about AFS and Kerberos first, where you will find the binaries and configuration files required for a login session.
Using the telnet in the travel-kit to login in to strindberg.pdc.kth.se, you get to one of the interactive nodes. From here you should start your batch jobs, allocate nodes for interactive jobs, do your editing, compiling etc...

While logged in, get a proper environment by the command,

> module add sp2

Allocating resources

Trough the EASY scheduler you can allocate one or several nodes in Strindberg for a given amount of time. Basically you have to put a request to the EASY scheduler with the number of nodes you want, for how long time you want them and what you want to do with them. EASY will then schedule your request and be able to give a estimate of when your requested resource will be available.

Please read the EASY section of the guided tours before using EASY.

There are no man pages for the EASY commands - instead on-line help is available by the command sphelp or by invoking EASY-commands with option -h.

Running programs on the SP

A short introduction on how to run programs on the IBM SP is available as http://www.pdc.kth.se/support/run/running_sp2.html.

Software on the IBM SP

Along with the compilers and program development tools a selection of scientific computing software is available. Please refer to the Computer resources :software section for a comprehensive list of available software.

Manuals on the IBM SP

The manuals are available in HTML and Postscript format.

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