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Here you find those little hints that didn't fit anywhere else

Some hints on clock synchronization.

There are a number of methods to synchronize clocks between machines. The one we recommend is without any doubt NTP.

If everything looks right, but it does not work anyway, you're computer is probably set up for the wrong timezone or the wrong daylight savings time period. Internally, UNIX OS:es measure the time in UTC (almost the same as GMT). When you type the date command, this time is converted to your local daytime according to the time zone settings. If the time zone setting and the UTC time are wrong, you might not notice the difference. To check your time zone, issue the commands date and date -u and compare the difference.

> date
Wed Oct  9 16:01:10 METDST 1996
> date -u
Wed Oct  9 14:01:12 UTC 1996

The difference should correspond to your time zone. In Sweden this is 2 hours during daylight savings time (METDST) and one hour otherwise (MET). To correct a wrong timezone setting, you have to change the time zone shell variable TZ or change the UNIX configuration files consulted during boot. Hints how to do this on your system can be found in:

man tzfile
man zic
man localtime
man time
man environ
echo $TZ

If you have changed your timezone, you have to synchronize your clocks again by one of the methods mentioned above.

Arranging for e-mail forwarding.

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