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Helpdesk : Kerberos

These are frequently asked about Kerberos, that might help you resolve your problem. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, or in the guided tours, then use the report form and we will try to assist you as soon as possible.

How do I get and use the kerberos travelkit?

Please use the instructions found in the How to get the Kerberos travelkit and How to set up and use the Kerberos travelkit sections of the Kerberos guided tour .
Since we want you to log in to us directly from the machine your keyboard is connected to, without any hops in between there is a kerberos travel kit ready for a number of architectures. If your particular architecture is not present, either you can probably build it yourself, or your sysadmin can do it - or please let us know if we can help you out!

Error: "Time is out of bounds"

If this happens you probably have synchonization problems:

> ./kauth
user@NADA.KTH.SE's Password:
kauth: Time is out of bounds (krb_rd_req)
A common problem when using Kerberos is caused by lack of synchronization between the systems. Kerberos demands a maximum of 5 min. difference between the system clocks. Some help with synchronizing your system clock can be found

kauth/tcp unknown service, using default port 2120

This is not an error message and has no impact on the functionality of the kerberos travel kit under normal circumstances. The message informs the user that the kauth/tcp system service is not registered in the client machine as a known service with an assigned port number. The kauth client program therefore selects the default "standard" connection port 2120 when talking to the PDC kerberos server. This is the wanted behaviour.

On most systems the information where the service to port look up table is located is the file /etc/services. Note that other kerberos client programs (kx, telnet, rsh) may produce similar messages, but may use other port numbers than 2120 as the correct default.

Error: "Can't open libresolv.so.2"

On SUN Solaris systems you may get a message stating that the kerberos binaries can't find libresolv.so.2. This library is part of SUN Solve's patch update scheme and can be downloaded from SUN. Please consult the SUN web pages for more details. E.g. for Solaris 2.5.1 the library is available as patch ID 103663. http://sunsolve.sun.se

Other problem

If you couldn't find your problem listed above, check out our Login FAQ page http://www.pdc.kth.se/support/helpdesk.html. Some common problems are described there and how to correct them. Also, you'll find some hints on the type of information that we will need to be able to help you in case your problem isn't described there. To report a problem you can fill out this problem report form or just mail to pdc-staff@pdc.kth.se.

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