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Finding documentation - FAQ.

Some help on locating documentation at PDC.

This document tries to give some general guidelines on where to look for the documentation for your favourite application and/or computer.

  • If you are looking for general advice on usage of the system at PDC you will find help in our User Guides Support -> Guided Tours and Support -> Helpdesk

  • If you look for documentation of a specific product and it is available as HTML or any other portable format you may find it at http://www.pdc.kth.se/doc/

  • If you are after documentation about some kind of service available at PDC and not necessarily a product these may be found at Information -> Services. To read about our storage facilities for example.

  • If the you are looking for a third party software you may have a look in the Computing resources -> Software pages of this web site and read the section about that particular software product.

  • Some softwares install documentation in the same directory as the code. There might be something useful there too. Often, the command module show module_name can give you help in finding where the documentation resides.

  • Mail to the PDC staff and ask where the documentation is located. The address is pdc-staff@pdc.kth.se.

  • Not everything can be found in the official documentation of a product. Often a search in the World Wide Web may give useful additional information.

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