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Previous events at PDC

Events during 2005

Events during 2004

Events during 2003

Events during 2002

Events during 2001

Events during 2000

Events during 1999

  • PDC has been selected as a Technology Transfer Node in program initiated by the European Commission. The aim of a TTN is to raise awareness of HPCN in industry, especially small and medium-sized companies. For more information, visit the PDCTTN homepage.
  • PDC Annual Conference 1999, "Simulation and Visualization on the Grid," at PDC, December 15--17, 1999,
  • Springer-Verlag published the proceedings of the seventh annual PDC Conference.   LNCSE Vol. 13 cover page image

  • PDC Ten-Year Anniversary Seminar to celebrate PDC's ten-year anniversay, at PDC, October 18, 1999
  • Niornas vecka (Ninth-Grader's Week), "The Basics of High-Performance Computing at PDC," at PDC, October 13--15, 1999
  • Barbara Chapman seminar, "Current Parallel Programming Paradigms," at PDC, October 4, 1999
  • John Levesque seminar, "The IBM Roadmap towards Teraflop Computing," at PDC, September 29, 1999
  • David Jacksson seminar, "The Maui Scheduler," at PDC, September 23, 1999
  • PDC/NGSSC Summer School, "Introduction to High Performance Computing," at PDC, August 16--27, 1999
  • Gymnasisternas vecka (Upper-Secondary-School-Student's Week), "The Basics of High-Performance Computing at PDC," April 19--22, 1999 at PDC

Events during 1998

Events during 1997

  • PDC Annual Conference
    Parallelldatorcentrum invites you to the traditional conference December 18--19.

  • Meet Deep Blue JR
    Oktober 17, 10:00 --15:00
    Room E3, Osquars Backe 2, plan 3.

  • Genomics/Computer Dictionary
    Tuesday September 30 at 15.15
    Seminar room of PDC

  • Computational Chemistry on Fujitsu Vector Parallel Computers
    Wednesday, September 24, 13:30 -- 16:30
    PDC Seminar room 1537

  • KeLP: A Retargetable Infrastructure for High Performance Scientific Applications
    Room 1537, Osquars backe 2, Plan 5
    Thursday, September 18, 14.15--16.00

    Scott B. Baden
    Associate Professor
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering
    University of California at San Diego
    Senior Fellow, San Diego Supercomputer Center

  • The Low Moon according to Feigenbaum
    PDC Seminar Room, Room 1537
    Tuesday September 16 at 15:15
    Erik Aurell

  • Risk-return approach to option pricing
    Tuesday September 9 at 15.15 in seminar room at PDC
    Erik Aurell

  • PDC/NGSSC Summer School "Introduction to High Performance Computing" at PDC, August 18--29, 1997.
  • PDC and PSCI arranges an Informal Mini-Workshop on High Performance Computing, Parallel Libraries and Applications
    June 18 -- 19

    Jack Dongarra and Danny Sorensen, too well known to need introduction, are visiting PDC this summer. The PSCI and PDC communities are warmly invited to participate in an informal mini-workshop on HPC, parallel libraries and applications on June 18 and 19 at PDC. We want to emphasize the informality and encourage discussion. The participants who so wish will be very welcome to present themselves and their area of interest/application.

  • Introduction to Parallel Programming on the SP at PDC
    May 15--16.
  • SiliconGraphics Origin2000 Porting and Optimisation Seminar
    April 17--18.
  • Introduction to Parallel Programming on the SP at PDC
    April 3--4.
  • Phason-assisted plasticity of a quasicrystal under shear stress
    Babak Sadigh, Theoretical Physics, KTH
    N.B. Date changed to Tuesday March 25
  • CRAY Course
    March 17--21
  • PDC TTN info
    Wednesday March 19
    The European Commission, DGIII and PDC invites to an information session about the TTN programme and PDC's part as a node in the TTN network.
    The information will start at 10:00 and is a full day event.
  • A universal law of relaxation in simple liquids
    Erik Aurell and Mikhail Dzugutov, PDC
    Tuesday March 18
  • Time Behaviour of Gamma-Ray Bursts
    Boris Stern, Stockholm Astronomical Observatory
    Tuesday March 11
  • Introduction to Parallel Programming on the SP at PDC
    March 6--7.
  • GDB - The Human Genome Database
    Niclas Jareborg, Medical Genetics, University of Uppsala
    Tuesday March 4 1997
  • Dr Martin Peters visits PDC, to talk about two new publication projects in the area of scientific computing, the book series "Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering" and the journal "Computing & Visualisation in Science".
    18:th February 1997

Events during 1996

  • Annual PDC-conference
    Software for parallel computing
    Dec 16--17 1996
  • Workshop on Computional Electromagnetics, Dec 11 1996
  • Workshop on Computer Visualization, Dec 3--4 1996
    Postponed until spring 97.
  • The predictability problem
    Erik Aurell
    Friday November 29, 1996
  • A linear in time algorithm for 2D gas dynamics without pressure
    Andrei Sobolevsky
    Tuesday November 26, 1996
  • Transverse velocity increments in turbulent flow using the RELIEF technique
    Uriel Frisch, Observatoire de Nice, France
    Tuesday November 19, 1996
  • Computational Opportunity in Macromolecular Imaging
    Prof W. Chiu, Baylor Medical College, Texas, USA.
    Tuesday November 12 1996
  • Cultural Event at PDC
    Piano Concert with Sonya Salman
    November 6, 1996
  • Numerical Modelling of Block Structure Dynamics
    Prof. Alexander A. Soloviev, International Institute of Earthquake Prediction Theory and Mathematical Geophysics, Moscow, Russia
    Tuesday November 5 1996
  • Integrability and interaction of nonlinear waves with discrete and continuous spectra.
    Vladimir .V. Yankov, Kurchatov Institute and Uppsala University
    Tuesday October 29 1996
  • A Volterra-type algorithm for parameter reconstruction in some dynamical system
    Igor Tsepelev, Institute of Mathematics & Mechanics,
    Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Ekaterinburg,Russia
    Tuesday October 22 1996
  • An algorithm for solving free boundary and shape optimization problems with energy functionals
    Dr. Alexander Suetov
    Tuseday October 15 1996
  • NAG European Technical Seminars, Oct 15 1996
  • AVS User Group Meeting, Oct 10 1996
    Contact Johan Ihrén for information.
  • Some recent developments in research on granular materials.
    Jan Hemmingsson, IFM, Linköping University
    Tuesday October 8 1996
  • Numerical Modelling of Gravitational Instability of Geostructures. Sep 24 1996
  • Programming Models and Software Development Tools, Sep 19 1996
  • PDC/NGSSC Summer School "Introduction to High Performance Computing" at PDC, August 19--30, 1996.
  • Fujitsu, VPP training, Aug 13--14, 1996.
  • Optimizing Application Code on Cray PVP Systems, Aug 5--9, 1996.

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