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PDC Progress Reports

PDC Progress Reports are published approximately every year. Below you will find complete PDF versions of reports published up until now. The electronic versions are complete except form some of the figures which were not available in electronic form.

Paper versions may be requested by e-mail to support@pdc.kth.se. If you don't have access to e-mail contact information is provided in the information section of this web site.

Readers for PDF files are available at http://www.adobe.com/.

Cover page 1998-1999.
This report Acrobat (5.4MB)
Cover page 1997.
This report Acrobat 3.0(7MB)
Cover page 1994-96.
This report Acrobat 3.0(10MB)
Cover page 1993.
This report Acrobat 3.0(5MB)
Cover page 1992.
This report Acrobat 3.0(2MB)
Cover page 1990-91.
This report Acrobat 3.0(2MB)
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