How to get in touch with PDC

Electronic mail:

Paper mail:
Center for Parallel Computers
Royal Institute of Technology

Phone: +46 8 7906000
Fax: +46 8 247784
Visiting Address: Teknikringen 14, fourth floor. The center is open for visitors Monday to Friday 9:00-17:00

VAT Reg No: SE202100305401
Girobank Account: 1 56 53-9, Postgirot Bank, SE-105 06, Stockholm, Sweden

User Support Helpdesk Phone: +46 8 7907800

How to get to PDC (step 1-3):

From Arlanda airport:

  1. a
    Airport Shuttle train to Stockholm Center
    (20 min., at least every 30 min. peak hours every 15 min.)

    Airport bus to Stockholm Center
    Cheaper but slower than the airport shuttle.
    (40 min., at least every 15 min. day time every 10 min.)

  2. From Stockholm Center you take the subway;
    Red line towards Mörby Centrum or Tekniska Högskolan and get off at station Tekniska Högskolan, exit Roslagsbanan.
    (7 min. at least every 15 min., peak hours every 5 min.)
    For more information about the schedules: SL.

  3. From the subway exit, walk up-hill on Drottning Kristinas Väg about a hundred meters, then when it turns left you continue straight ahead on Osquars Backe. After you pass the library on your left, PDC is located in the tall brick building on your left.

    Outside of office hours, you will need assistance to get inside the building. You should probably call whoever you are going to meet.

    You can also take a look at the graphical map.

For those who choose to take taxi:
Give the direction "KTH main building". From Arlanda Airport to KTH the taxi should be on flat rate of around SEK 390 (2003).

General information about Stockholm is provided by the Stockholm Visitors Board. Maps are available from the Stockholm City Planning Committee. Search for Osquars Backe to find KTH.

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